Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki energy has its own unique Reiki frequency, created specifically for animals. Animal Reiki is working with the spiritual allies of the animals - the Divine Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life and the Divine Earth. Unification Consciousness is a fundamental frequency of  ICRT Animal Reiki.

Animal Reiki is a "complimentary therapy" used with traditional medical care and training.

The Animal Reiki energy also opens an ability to communicate and be in communion with the animals.

Permission from the animal and the animal's caregiver is always a priority.

The Reiki energy not only benefits the animal, but also the caregiver - when and if they choose to receive.

The animal is free to move around during the session - as a Reiki zone of energy is established around the animal.

Animal Reiki is done in person and long distance.


The Animal Benefits are:

*Works to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds or injuries

*Restores their life force

*Increases vitality

*Improves their sense of well-being

*Can connect them more deeply with their caregivers

*Releases any caregiver's worries the animal has absorbed

*Releases the burdens they may carry for their work in the world

*Clarifies their responsibilities, job & service